Needs, Importance and Effects of Philosophy in Life

Q.1 what are the needs, importance and effects of philosophy in life?
Ans. The word philosophy comes from two Greek words: “philos” which means love and “Sophia” which means “wisdom”.  Firstly all the science and arts were included in the philosophy but as the time passed by three groups of subjects came out of philosophy: natural philosophy which are now physics, chemistry and medicine, mental philosophy which includes psychology and the moral philosophy which includes subjects like politics, economics, sociology etc.  
Today philosophy is totally different from the science and arts. It includes metaphysics, which is theory of reality, Epistemology, which is a theory of knowledge and the third one is Ethics, which is the theory of Values.
Needs and Importance of Philosophy:
Philosophical thoughts are the unavoidable part of human existence. Most of the people have their own philosophy in seeing the life. A person who consider philosophical questions like what does life mean? As the waste of time is expressing what is important in his view so the rejection of philosophy itself a philosophy. One can clear his/her believes by studying philosophy and also can make to think about ultimate questions.
The philosophy has tremendous influence in our daily life. Even the language we speak has classification which is derived from philosophy. For instance in English language the classification of noun and verb is a philosophical idea that there is a difference between thing and an action. When we are asking the difference we are actually doing philosophical inquiry.
Every institute whether it is business, law, industry, marriage or education are based on philosophical ideas. The philosophical differences lead to the economical change of the system change in the laws and even overthrowing of the government. These changes occur due to the people that have their own beliefs what is important and how should the life be ordered.
Our system of education is based on the philosophy of the society. For instance if the society is a democratic one it will try to make their people to learn and think and make their own choices whereas the non democratic society will try to make their people to follow the ideas of the government.
The lives people lead and the choices they make are the result of the philosophies they hold, whether they are conscious of this fact or not.
 Effects of Philosophy in Life:
As Philosophy is the love for wisdom or knowledge so philosophy makes the person to think critically, have logical reasoning and to use scientific methods. It affects the way of living of people in the society because all human beings orient their lives around ideas about what reality is like, that they believe explain their experiences and ideas about what reality and human beings should be like, that they use to guide their behaviour. The first of these kinds of ideas is a metaphysical theory, the second an ethical or moral theory.

As the philosophy is the love for knowledge and the man kind is the superior creation of God so the humans are always in search of knowledge. It is the way to live the life. From a person to the country everyone has its own philosophy of life.


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