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US Policy in North Korea!

Trump's policy to deal with North Korean problem is quite different from the policies favored by the previous administrations including those of Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Trump's policy is to bend the affiliation of Kim Jong Un's regime from China and Russia towards the US! You should expect an official  Kim Jong Un visit to the US in the near future as a success of Trump's policy!

Unlike the policy of the previous administrations, the new American policy does not aim at a regime change in North Korea! This new approach in the American policy towards North Korean regime has a historical background that needs elaboration.

After the fall of USSR, the dictators and regimes installed and protected by the USSR to serve its interest during the cold war era were left stranded, and their fate looked uncertain.
Both Bush senior and Clinton administrations had a very clear policy towards these communist regimes and dictators.

Post USSR American policy was mainly aimed at suppla…