Friday, January 12, 2018

Who killed Zainab?

Zainab died as a result of the notion of justice in Pakistan! In Pakistan justice means the system that protects the powerful from any kind of conviction or punishment in the cases in which plaintiff is a weak or poor person .

In the 70 years' of the  judicial history of Pakistan, it has never happened that a powerful man is punished for a crime against the weak! Isn't it a shame? Pakistani courts have never punished a powerful man for a crime against the poor!

Zainab's murder is not an isolated incident! It has been happening in  Qasoor area where she was killed last weak! She was twelth such case in a years' period! It is not a work of a lunatic serial killer! It is an Industral level massacre and rape! There is a dark economy involved in it!

In 2015 police unearthed a cartel that used to make violent porn videos of innocent kids. That cartel made violent rape videos of 285 kids, and yet the responsible people escaped law and justice. Only a few peddlers who worked for the mafia chiefs were punished and imprisoned!

They used to sell those violent porn videos of innocent kids on the dark web. Their cartel never stopped its operations, for the real people behind it were too powerful for the police or judiciary! They are the untouchables of the society!

These are industrial level rapes and murders! It is not the work of an isolated predator! THe powerful people of Qasoor are selling the innocence of these kids, and in Pakistan no one is going to punish them, for Pakistani judges know their principle of justice: Never punish powerful people for their crimes against the weak! Shame on the you!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Nawaz Sharif's Below Average Movement for Justice!

I am a philosopher! And when I look back at my conceptual weapons to deal with the beasts daily created in the wilds of Pakistani politics , I find this!

According to Socrates the great: A low intellect person talks about personalities, an average man talks about events, and a higher intellect talks about Concepts!

I judge that Nawaz Sharif's Concept of justice is based on individuals! He is only concerned about him! And unlike Tahir Ul Qadri, he is not even able to talk about an incidence of injustice, the Model Town incident!

Nawaz Sharif talks about persons in his campaign for justice! He talks about himself! Nawaz Sharif does not even talks about events like Tahirul Qadri, an average intellect talks about Model Town incident! I am weary of these low intellect Politician!

Nawaz Sharif looks at the world from a frog's perspective captivated in a well! His vision is so limited that he has no example of injustice in Pakistan other than his own case! For example he completely failed to see as the examples of injustice in Pakistan: The case of Shahrukh Jatoi , Achakzai(the murderer of an on duty police constable) , the murderers of policemen in Defence Lahore on the new year eve, those who paraded a little girl naked in DI Khan last year, Manzoor Wassan's brother who killed the family of a Neuro surgeon who came to Pakistan just to serve his poor countrymen!

I am fade up of this man with a limited vision claiming to be the master of our great nation's faith! This man doesn't understand justice, and shame to those politicians who follow this fool!

Nawaz Sharif reveal your concept of justice before you talk about justice! I know that you don't have any concept whatever of justice, for you are njot capable of talking conceptually! You and your daughter can only talk about you! Not about the injustice prevailing in the society! We are not going to let the fools like you rule our country again!

A man who cannot think conceptually, like Nawaz Sharif, is not going to rule Pakistan! 

Imran Khan's Marriage!

I will  talk about the apparently less important matter of Imran Khan's marriage to Bushra, the eternal feminine, the SHE of Rider Hagard! Imran Khan's marriage with his spiritual leader Bushra Manika! What drew me towards this so called personal matter of Imran Khan is the recent program of famous journalist Shahzeb Khanda on this marriage between " Salik"the disciple,  and the " Pir" the saint.

Shahzeb Khanzada rose a genuine concern about this marriage! The concern he rose is that according to his infallible sources and informants Imran Khan is so determined to follow the will of Bushra Manika, his wife and spiritual leader, that since last two years whatever Imran did he did according to the spiritual will of Bushra! And! And! This means that if Imran is ever elected as a PM of Pakistan, he is going to rule Pakistan to satisfy the great feminine spiritual will of Bushra!

I have no objection to this! As a Pakistani I have always believed that women should be appointed at the important posts--like CNC-- in Pakistan! I am sort of happy to know that the likely contender for the crown of Pakistan has completely surrendered his will to the will of a Pakistani woman! In my hearts of hearts I am happy! Shahzeb Khanzada missed the point!

And just to add a little spice to the story, I would compare Bushra to the "SHE" , of Rider Haggard's famous spiritual character Ayesha! I hope that she might be as spiritually stron as the " SHE" of Haggard's SHE! I love that new twist in Pakistan's politics! I am for the women's rule in Pakistan, for after all I have always trusted, desired, and loved the leadership of Benazir Bhutto!

I don't know why Pakistan is so abhorrent to the rule of the eternal feminine in Pakistan, the Shima, the Malakuth, the eternal spiritual lady! For if the " FOUJ" or Army rules Pakistan than a feminine gender is already ruling Pakistan! Those who have an objecteion should consult the Urdu dictionary, for " FOUJ" or Army bears feminine gender in Urdu! Fouj or Army is feminine! I salute to the creators of our beloved, poetic URDU language!

Fouj is feminine, so as the new master of Imran's will , Bushra Manika! I love this twist in Pakistan's politics! It was only possible through Imran Khan! No one else could have done it! If Imran wins, Pakistan will be ruled by a spiritual feminine will! And who knows! Pakistan will reach the cultural excellence of the great ancient civilizations! I want Imran to go ahead! Follow Bushra when you will ultimately be the PM of Pakistan! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Does Trump Want to Push Pakistan Towards Saudi Arabia?

Ever since Saudi Arabia joined the coalition of the US and Israel to fight Iranian influence in the region, it's leadership has been pressuring Pakistan to join the huddle.

Pakistan's ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's parliament refused a Saudi request to send 2 division army to Yemen. Pakistan's ex army general is leading a 41 country Saudi made coalition against terrorism. Despite Saudi pressure Pakistani establishment and parliament refused the demand to send its army to Yemen.

According to Nawaz Sharif's close aide, Nawaz Sharif was punished because of his refusal to join the war in Yemen. Pakistan refused this demand because they feared a backlash from their new allies. Pakistan now looks at Turkey, Qatar, Iran, and China as its allies.

Pakistani ousted PM and his brother , the sitting Chief Minister of the biggest province of Pakistan, were called by Saudi Arabian government a few weeks ago, to discuss the issues. Saudi government pressurized Nawaz Sharif to change the policy of its party and join the coalition! Nawaz Sharif didn't succumb to the Saudi pressure, and refused the Saudi demand to join the Yemen war.

This refusal of the Saudi demand resulted in increased pressure. This time it was United States! Trump , on the first day of 2018 tweeted that Pakistan would face consequences for it's suspicious role in war on terror! Although the alleged background of the tweet was Pakistan's much criticized involvement in Afghanistan, the real purport was to push Pakistan towards Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan however, has again succumbed to the pressure, and the present govt, and establishment are not going to join the Yemen war. However, if the pressure further increases, some kind of covert cooperation could begin. 

American Suspension of Aid to Pakistan: A moment of Joy

Today White House stopped a billion dollar's aid to Pakistan. Most of the people in Pakistan are raising a loud hue and cry against this decision! However, if one looks closely at this decision one could easily sense that it is a blessing in disguise! Pakistan should say a  big  thanks to Mr. Donald Trump for relieving them from this war!

The suspension of aid to Pakistan is not going to suffocate Pakistan but will allow its people to breath in open air. The suspended aid was destined to support a war that --according to both US and Pakistan officials-- Pakistan doesn't support. Pakistanis commonly opine that Afghan war is not Pakistan's war. US officials say Pakistan does not support the Afghan war.

Both sides share a clear perception: Pakistan is not participating in the Afghan war in a helpful manner. And yet Pakistan was receiving a huge amount of money in the name of coalition support fund. That was a confusion: why should a country receive payment for a service it is not extending.

Pakistan has never been willing to participate in the war on terror on American terms. In Pakistan people openly criticize the ex dictator of Pakistan, Mr. Musharraf for involving Pakistan in Afghan war. No one in Pakistan supports this decision! Pakistan was never a willing partner, only Musharraf was!

Now that Mr. Trump has suspended US aid to Pakistan, Pakistan is also relieved from the partnership in Afghan war. It is a happy moment for Pakistan that finally its people will see the end of Pakistan's interference in the matters of Afghanistan!

The suspended was not meant for the people of Pakistan; it was meant to purchase ammunition to be used in the war on terror. It that aid stops that war will also stop! This war is a vicious circle, in which terrorists are created, trained, and stoked to fuel the war furnace. This one billion dollar was the main cause behind the evil Pakistani people and security forces are suffering since 2001!

Pakistani people should feel relieved, happy, and confident! It is in fact good that America has stopped funding the war on terror! It is the end of terror!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Has Saudi Arabia taken over Pakistan?

The recent visit of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's brother to Saudi Arabia is not an isolated event. It is an even that is preceded by many apparently disconnected but related incidences and events.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif was ousted from Premiership some months ago through a court decision. However, his close aide Mr. Saad Rafiq clearly said that his boss was not dismissed to meet the justice requirements, but to punish him for disobeying Saudi Arabia's order to support their war against Iran.

Sometimes ago, Pakistani establishment changed its policy, and instead of openly taking sides with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan decided not to enter the sectarian strife against Shia Iran. Pakistan's decision was right! For Pakistan has a big Shia population, and Pakistan could burn in sectarian flames like Iraq and Syria.

This change in Pakistan policy was not favored by the Saudi Royals who take Pakistan as their servant. This free policy of Pakistan has always been resisted by those in Pakistan who are on their payroll.

Last year, Saudi Arabia hired Pakistan's army chief to head its 41 country strong alliance against terrorism. The alliance is formed to fight terrorism but many think that its raison de etre is to fight the growing influence of Iran.

Saudi Arabia also demanded from Pakistan that it send its nuclear armed forces to join the alliance. Obviously it was a hard choice for Pakistan, for Pakistan couldn't afford to tense its relations with Iran. Pakistan is already surrounded by enemies from two sides. Pakistan has worst relations with Afghanistan and India. Pakistan didn't want Iran as its third enemy.

Furthermore, growing India-US relations pushed Pakistan towards China! That movement away from the traditional US- Arab block reached its peak when India threatened to destroy Pakistan at the end of 2016. Pakistan was completely isolated from the world due an aggressive anti Pakistan diplomatic campaign by India.

This isolation led Pakistan to almost join the Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey, and its relations with Gulf nations further strained. Pakistan also took sides with Qatar in the gilf crisis and further enraged the powerful gulf states.

Pakistan is also facing pressure from the US to join forces in Afghan war! President Trump has put Pakistan on notice, and it is an enormous pressure that Pakistan is facing.

In this situation it seems that Saudi Arabia has finally scored the winning point, for no one in Pakistan is resisting Saudi ambitions. The aim is to gain full control over Pakistan's policy, and security forces. This could bring immense misery to Pakistan's people.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shahbaz Sharif's visit to Saudi Arabia: A bad Omen for Pakistan

No one in Nawaz Leageue knows about the purpose and intent behind this sudden change in the fortunes of Shahbaz Sharif! He was not only called by the Saudi govt, but also provided a plan to fly to the kingdom. Shahbaz left for Saudi Arabia in a luxury Saudi Plane, in bright daylight, right in front of camera!

The question is what attraction Shahbaz Sharif has for Saudi rulers? Shahbaz is merely a chief minister like 4 other chief ministers of Pakistan. There must be something special about him to warrant this sort of reception from Saudi rulers. 

He can deliver for Saudi Arabia what Nawaz Sharif didn't. Shahbaz can change Pakistan's foreign policy and make it anti Iran and Qatar, and decisively increase Saudi influence in the region through putting nuclear armed Pakistan army at Saudi Arabia's disposal.

It is too bad for Pakistan to enter the sectarian strife and bring civil war to Pakistan. Shahbaz is on his way to trade off the security and peace of Pakistan for his ambition to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. That's what his plans are, and these are heinous plans against Pakistan.

The opposition is ready under Tahir ul Qadri to provide Shahbaz with an excuse for dissolving Punjab assembly. Saudi rulers want an immediate regime change in Pakistan, and this urgency leads to early elections. Shahbaz Sharif could start a chain reaction in which Punjab, KPK, and Sindh assemblies could be dissolved to make a point for early elections. 

The chain reaction could also take down Gilgit Baltistan govt, where people are already protesting in thousands against taxation. This means the governments of 4 provinces could resign to make way for early elections in Pakistan. 

Pakistan is facing another threat in the form of sectarian strife! The current Brelvi movement is clearly aimed at regime change in Pakistan. Although , apparently they are after both Sharif brothers, they will ultimately spare Shahbaz: just as supreme court spared him from Hudaibia trial. The danger involved in this movement is that it could aggravate Qatris, and a Deobandi reaction could be unleashed. 

Shahbaz Sharif's visit to Saudi Arabia is a bad omen for Pakistan! It can bring destabilization, civil war, and turmoil back to Pakistan. The question is how would Pak army respond to it? Army has said that they would stay away from politics, but will they quietly see a foreign  country changing government in their country, and installing its stooge as Pakistan's ruler? 

Who killed Zainab?

Zainab died as a result of the notion of justice in Pakistan! In Pakistan justice means the system that protects the powerful from any kind...