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Learning by Doing

Any mention of the famous phrase " Learning by Doing" brings to mind John Dewey as its creator, but the term owes its origin to the moral philosophies of ancient times , and can be traced back to books like " Geeta" , and also to the philosophy of action as found in Budhism.
 Geeta tells us about a good action as roughly the one that is its own reward. This means that the reward of a good action does not lie outside the action, and the doer of an action reaps the reward as he or she performs the action. An example is the feeding a child by a mother. A mother feels satisfaction in the very act of feeding her child and does not want an external reward for her action. In Buddhist thought a good action is its own reward, which comes to the doer in the form of internal satisfaction , then and there .

 In fact this term " learning by Doing", like many other great philosophical ideas is a mathematical equation. Philosophical ideas are usually amazingly mathemat…