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Has Saudi Arabia taken over Pakistan?

The recent visit of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's brother to Saudi Arabia is not an isolated event. It is an even that is preceded by many apparently disconnected but related incidences and events.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif was ousted from Premiership some months ago through a court decision. However, his close aide Mr. Saad Rafiq clearly said that his boss was not dismissed to meet the justice requirements, but to punish him for disobeying Saudi Arabia's order to support their war against Iran.

Sometimes ago, Pakistani establishment changed its policy, and instead of openly taking sides with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan decided not to enter the sectarian strife against Shia Iran. Pakistan's decision was right! For Pakistan has a big Shia population, and Pakistan could burn in sectarian flames like Iraq and Syria.

This change in Pakistan policy was not favored by the Saudi Royals who take Pakistan as their servant. This free policy of Pakistan has always been resisted by those in Pak…

Shahbaz Sharif's visit to Saudi Arabia: A bad Omen for Pakistan

No one in Nawaz Leageue knows about the purpose and intent behind this sudden change in the fortunes of Shahbaz Sharif! He was not only called by the Saudi govt, but also provided a plan to fly to the kingdom. Shahbaz left for Saudi Arabia in a luxury Saudi Plane, in bright daylight, right in front of camera!

The question is what attraction Shahbaz Sharif has for Saudi rulers? Shahbaz is merely a chief minister like 4 other chief ministers of Pakistan. There must be something special about him to warrant this sort of reception from Saudi rulers. 

He can deliver for Saudi Arabia what Nawaz Sharif didn't. Shahbaz can change Pakistan's foreign policy and make it anti Iran and Qatar, and decisively increase Saudi influence in the region through putting nuclear armed Pakistan army at Saudi Arabia's disposal.

It is too bad for Pakistan to enter the sectarian strife and bring civil war to Pakistan. Shahbaz is on his way to trade off the security and peace of Pakistan for his ambitio…

American Policy towards Pakistan

The Vice President of America, Pence, announced at a base perilously close to Pak borders that the US has put Pakistan on notice!
One wonders what does it mean, for even Russia, Iran, and China are not on notice from the US administration! Only two countries in the world are on notice! Pakistan, and North Korea! So , what it is that the US administration wants from Pakistan, and Pakistan is not doing accordingly!
A cursory look on US National security document, issued last Monday, on 12/18/ 2017, tells the story!
Pakistan is mentioned 8 times in that most important document. Let us list those 8 occasions point wise!

1. The United States continues to
face threats from transnational terrorists and militants
operating from within Pakistan.
2. The prospect
for an Indo-Pakistani military conflict that could
lead to a nuclear exchange remains a key concern
requiring consistent diplomatic attention.
3. We seek a Pakistan that is
not engaged in destabilizing behavior and a stable
and self-reliant Afghanis…

Pakistan's Problem of Justice!

Any society that loses its justice system ultimately collapses! In the recent times that has been the problem with Islamic states and societies! In the recent times Islamic societies, and there is no dearth of examples, collapsed after their justice system collapsed! Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, and many others collapsed because their costly Western judicial system failed to deliver!

Pakistan is no exception! Pakistan's British judicial system has a backlog of more than 3 million cases! Many of these cases are registered for victim-less crimes! Pakistani legislature is too ineffective to relieve its judicial system of the cases in which there is no plaintiff! However, the problem needs  a broader solution!

Pakistani-British judicial system is too expensive in all terms! It is too expensive to produce good advocates, judges, barristers, and paralegal staff! Pakistan is facing a dearth of workers to serve its man power and efficiency starved law department. It is a countr…

The Corporate and International dimension of Islamist Sit-in in Pakistan

Ever since Nawaz Sharif , the ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan, has signed a gas  pipeline agreement with Qatar, he has been under enormous pressure from certain elements of Pakistan establishment to revoke the deal.

One wonders why certain elements from Pakistani establishment are opposing this deal, and what made Nawaz Sharif to stick with the deal?

Qatar-Pakistan gas deal was finalized by the then Energy Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, on the bidding of the then Prime minister Nawaz Sharif, a year ago. Since then Nawaz Sharif has been facing a graft trial that he says is a part of establishment's efforts to harm his political career.

This tension between certain powerful elements in the establishment and Nawaz Sharif has its roots in the tension between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It is quite clear why certain elements in Pakistani establishment are opposing the gas deal. Saudi Arabia has an avowed policy to stop Qatar from developing its gas fields! Any deal between two countries tha…