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Brelvi Uprising in Pakistan: Possible consequences

Brelvi sect is a branch of Sunni Islam patronized by Turkey and Iraq. The unprecedented Brelvi  uprising in Pakistan, in November 2017, could have un-foretold consequences. One can easily draw a parallel between Morsi's Tehrir square revolution in Egypt, and the present Brelvi uprising in Pakistan!

The tehrir square sunni, Sufi Islam uprising, supported by Turkey and Qatar, ousted Hoseni Mubarak, and compelled the Egyptian authorities to conduct general elections in Egypt. Those elections brought Ikhwan al Muslimeen to power: a Sunni political party, headed by Mursi in Egypt.

However , after a year or so, Saudi backed hardliners leashed hell on Morsi's ikhwanal muslimeen and ousted him! The question: Is it going to be the case in Pakistan after the Brelvi uprising?

Yes! Brelvi's are in majority in Pakistan, but they don't have the fire power that the hardliners like Lashkar e Jhangvi, LET, and TTP have. This means that the sunni  sects with immense fire power: a power tha…