Islam as a Code of Life

Islam - A Complete Way of Life!
Islam is an Arabic word and denotes acceptance of God as the Supreme and the Ultimate Reality. It means submission, surrender and obedience. As a religion, Islam stands for complete submission and obedience to God- that is why it is called Islam. The other literal meaning of the word Islam is peace and this signifies that one can achieve real peace of body and of mind only through submission and obedience to God. Such a life of obedience brings peace of heart and establishes real peace in society at large. Unlike many other faiths, the name Islam is neither related with its founder (as in Buddhism or Christianity) nor tribe or race (like in Judaism) nor with land and soil (as in Hinduism). Alkhuli (2007) says “Islam is a religion, but not in the western meaning of religion. The western connotation of the term "religion" is something between the believer and God. Islam is a religion that organizes all aspects of life on both the individual and national levels.”He further says Islam organizes your relations with God, with yourself, with your children, with your relatives, with your neighbor, with your guest, and with other brethren. Islam clearly establishes your duties and rights in all those relationships. Islam establishes a clear system of worship, civil rights, laws of marriage and divorce, laws of inheritance, code of behavior, what not to drink, what to wear, and what not to wear, how to worship God, how to govern, the laws of war and peace, when to go to war, when to make peace, the law of economics, and the laws of buying and selling. Islam is a complete code of life.
Islam is not practiced in the mosque only, it is for daily life, a guide to life in all its aspects: socially, economically, and politically. Alkhuli (2006) says Islam is not a mere collection of certain rituals, dogma and ceremonies but it provides us with a complete code of life. Islam gives us the absolute analysis of political, economic and social life the first and foremost point of emphasis in Islam is Monotheism (Tauheed). Tauheed (Oneness of Almighty Allah) creates the concept that God is one. Men have been negating this on account of weak belief, the man with external and superficial excitement says the name of Allah but actually he has circumscribed all of his hopes around things. Allah has created man on the best form but man has been degrading himself by those attributes which amount to polytheism or "Shirk". Allah Says in Quran, "And verily we have given respect to the Children of Adam." Islam has given superiority to men over certain other creatures. This superiority is due to the knowledge and intellect given to him. The power of knowledge must be revealed through best deeds. But the truth of the matter is that we have strayed from the right path and in doing so, we have lowered our selves. Allah says, "And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generation after generation on cart." The verse reveals that man is the representative (Khalifa) of Allah on earth. Right to give has not been bestowed on any exalted individual or to any group. It is rather declared as a sacred responsibility devolved on all faithful. The political system of Islam gives us the principle of responsibility rather than authority. Sovereignty belongs to Allah alone. By conscious recognition of Allah as the sole Master, all individuals become subservient to His will, Government of an Islamic polity can command political obedience on the part of people so long as it performs its duties according to Shariah. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, "There is no obedience in sinful mothers, it is obligatory only in the matter of righteousness.” He further said, "No obedience is due to him, who does not obey Allah". Allah says in Quran, "He is the Master of all powers." In Islam politics and religion (Din) are not separated, Islam and government are twin. None of two can remain isolated. Islam is like a building while government is its guardian. A building without foundation demolishes and a person is robbed if he has no guardian. So, as Muslims we should implement the constitution of Islam which consists of Quran and Sunnah of the prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be upon him]. Islam lays great emphasis on education (Knowledge).Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "Acquisition of knowledge is obligatory to all the Muslims". The Quran says, "Allah will exalt the grades of those who have become believers among you and who have been given knowledge." So the verse of Quran indicates the dignity of knowledge i.e. the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah (Hadiths). But we should also get worldly knowledge of Science and Technology and other branches, to meet the needs of changing worldly condition. Islam believers in the inductive method, which regards reason and experience as the instruments of knowledge together with nature and History as the resources of knowledge. Induction is a great gift of Islam to humanity. Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) constant prayer was, "Oh Allah add to my knowledge." Islam aims at banishing evil from human society not merely through words but through deeds also. Allah says in Quran: "You are the best nation that has ever been raised up from mankind you enjoin justice and forbid evil. You believe in Allah". For the enforcement of justice, Islam believes neither in uncontrolled economic pattern as portrayed by capitalist nor did the socialistic solution in which the whole life of individual is subject the excessive legal restraints. Islam on the other hand adopts its delimit modes to chanelize the collective efforts for the betterment of the whole society. Implementation of "Zakat" is an obligation on state for the creation of economic justice; Islam has prescribed such solid principles of economic ills. It prohibits usury, which is the root cause of all socio-economic ills.It means that system of Islam must be implemented in the whole universe. In this way, He wants to test the faiths and beliefs of His men. Islam is above consideration of caste, colour, race and nation. It teaches universal human brother hood. It is the duty of Muslim Ummah to propagate the message of Islam and a universal constitution to implement Islamic system of prayers is obligatory on the (Khalifa) ruler. Islam has given to women a respectable place in society. The Quran reveals the equality of rights of women with men in their good conducts and characteristics. The Quran says, "Muslim men and women, obedient men and women, faith full men and women, truthful men and women, pious men and women, Good fearing men and women".
Islam is complete constitution. Thus Islam keeps the Muslim away from confusion, because Islam is logical and rational. Allah is one. Allah is one Allah has no sons. Allah is not associated with trinity. Allah does not kill to save. No mediation is required between Allah and man. Islam organizes human nature, but does not go against it. There is not a class of clergy in Islam; nor is there celibacy. Islam is complete way of human life.
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