The Reality of ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria):

The Reality of ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria):

The Revolution: A Novel from prehistoric past
Apparently the name ISIS for the recently emerged militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a common name, but it is symbolic and has a deep relationship with Arab nationalism.
ISIS was the Egyptian goddess who led a political movement to take back the throne of Egypt from Seth. Seth killed Osiris, her husband and fatherly figure of Egypt(Osiris is some time equated with prophet Idris in Islamic tradition), and cut his phallus through intrigue. Isis reared up her son Horus who fought and defeated Seth and reclaimed the throne of Egypt, the root of all Middle Eastern Civilizations.
Isis was a symbol of political resistance to reinstate the right ruler, the true heir of the ancient father king Osiris.
In the present case, the Islamists joined hands with the nationalist Baa'th party to avenge the various Osiris like figures of Arabia like Saddam, Gaddafi(whose phallus was infact cut by the revolutionaries), Yasir arafat etc. ISIS, the fearsome alliance between the nationalist Arabs and Islamist has revived this ancient symbol of political struggle and it's goddess Isis. Isis was worshipped in various forms throughout the world in pre Islamic and pre Christian era.

Osiris, the husband of Isis is regarded as a sacred figure in Islamic Sufi and mainstream tradition. His green color is equated with Khizr and Idris. The green of Osiris is already the sacred color of Turkish and Iraqi Sunnis all over the world. Osiris is also significant in various Sufi orders like Bahais have a Osiris Sufi order. Naqshbandiya claim that they have their origin in Khizr(khizr is also equated with Osiris).
Isis is sometimes equated with Ishtar in Mesopotamia and Al- Uzza in ancient Arabia. ISIS was part of the trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus. The father, the mother and the son, and in recent example it is replaced with the trinity of Saddam(Osiris or father), ISIS(the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) and the allegedly coming new ruler of Iraq(the son Horus, maybe the son of Saddam or Gaddafi).

The strange thing is that the Shia also cherish a myth comparable to that of the political resistance of Isis, the goddess. shia conflict with Sunnis is for the heir-ship to caliphate. Shia struggle revolves around reinstating a legitimate ruler to the Caliphate of Islam. 
Khalid Jamil Rawat


ariadnegreen said…
Thank you for bring some meaning into these awful events. I was trying to figure out why the Sunni's were using the name of the Goddess Isis. Blessings....
Ruven said…
This is what came to mind for me the first time I heard the name of this terrorist group on TV.
The old king is the father/Osiris, the state is the spirit/Isis, and the future king is the son/Horus.
Ruven said…
Horus would also not just be the son/future king but of course have the role of redeemer/savior.
Khalid Rawat said…
You are right Ruven. Let's see what happens in future and how the things unfold.

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